Never forget a password again

Your master password is all you need to remember. Enpass will remember the rest of your passwords. Free your mind. Free download for your Mac.

No Sign-up required! No costly subscriptions!

Don't worry about security of your data as we don't save any of your password or data on our servers. All your data is encrypted and stored locally. Optionally you can sync with your own choice of trusted clouds securely i.e. iCloud and Dropbox. So no leaks, no backdoors only peace of mind.

Store all your personal info, not just passwords.

Thats why Enpass is more than just a password manager. Not limited to store login details only but wide range of 90+ templates allows you to store all your personal information ranging from IDs, locker passwords, Car, Travel to Credit cards, Bank accounts, stocks etc. Custom fields give you power to create your own non existing templates. 

Foolproof Safety

No compromise with the safety of your data. All your data is fully protected by your master password using military grade AES 256 bit encryption, which is world wide accepted as trusted digital encryption algorithm. Enpass conforms to FIPS 140 standard which is a US government computer security standard. We adhare to government security standards to give maximum security to your data.

All your data is saved and encrypted locally on your device and when it comes to syncing and backup/restore over WiFi that encrypted data is transfered, which is of no use to anyone and even you can not access it without master password.

Genrerate unguessable passwords

For safety reasons security experts keep telling us to use strong passwords and not to use same password everywhere because with one break in all your accounts are at deep risk. But at times, it really becomes frustrating to come up with unique and strong passwords for every password change or new login.

Use Enpass where the built-in password generator generates strong, unguessable passwords and thus adding security to your data along with best and easy management.

Auto Sync

No matters how many devices of different platforms you use. All your data stays synchronized through your own cloud accounts and hence the changes done on one device will get automatically reflected on all the other devices.  The sync process is not only automatic but also safe and secure as all the encryption is first done locally on your device and then the encrypted files are transferred to clouds. 

On Apple devices we support syncing by iCloud and Dropbox.

*Use Dropbox sync for cross platform synchronization as it is common on all supported platforms.

Easy migration from other password managers

If you are fed up of using the old fashioned, complex or VERY COSTLY password management softwares then you can give Enapss a try. The good news is Enpass has a long list of other password managers from which you can easily import your data. You don't even need to purchase Enpass as Import feature is there in the Free desktop version for Mac and Windows PC.

Available in Mac Appstore

Enpass is available in Mac App Store. Download it free and use for Mac running OSX 10.7.4 and later — no subscription or other fees required.

Other important features

These small but essential features really increases the overall productivity.

Custom Fields

Edit existing fields or add new ones in the provided templates to suit your needs.

Backup & Restore

Have local Backup of your keychain on your PC over Wi-Fi which can be restored anytime.

Sidebar Customization

Even you can customize your sidebar to show any particular categories and folders for quick access.

Actionable Fields

Directly open URL and send email without leaving Enpass by just tapping the fields.

Folder Support

Use folders as tags for better organization of your data in your own way.

Favorite Items

Mark frequently accessed items as favorites so that you can access them quickly.